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PJ Belcher is a Music and Sound Design Audio Producer based in Cambridge, UK.

With several years experience working in the Games, TV, Film, Digital Media and Live Event industries, he has written industry recognised articles on subjects such as audio and the iPhone, composed for feature length films and worked on several world known brands and franchises.

Originally a classically trained musician, after achieving a high A in Music Technolgy at A-level, he later went to University, attending Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge studying Creative Music Technology. He graduated with an Upper Second Class Ba(Hons).

Notable Credits –

Consultant – Zoonami – Funkydilla
Audio Director– Otterly – Floe – published by
Chillingo/EA - iOS
Audio Director –
Introversion – Subversion – PC/Mac (unpublished)
Audio Director – Blissoft – Rat Fishing – published by
MiniClip – iOS/Android/Flash/LG Smart TV Creative Sound Design – DoubleSix – South Park: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Special Editions – published by Deep Silver – PS3 / Xbox
Audio Director – Otterly – South Park: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Special Editions – published by DoubleSix Digital Publishing(DDP) – iOS
Audio Director – Unit9 – Electric Tentacle – published by
Trailer Design – Unit9 – Electric Tentacle – published by Chillingo/EA
Audio Design –
MagicSolver – Halloween 2012
Audio Design –
MagicSolver – Advent 2012
Audio Consulting –
James Pond & The Deathly Shallows – Gameware
Audio Director – Zack Grossbart –
7 Bridges
Audio Director – Zoombugs/Gameware Europe – MU Challenge – Manchester United / Thomas Cook Additional Audio Design – Introversion – Prison Architect (alpha release)
Audio Director –
Blissoft – Pig Runner
Trailer Design – Blissoft – Pig Runner
Audio Director – Olivier Romanetti –
Audio Design – MagicSolver – Halloween 2013
Audio Director – Chef’s Story –
Belprog - iOS/Android
Audio Director – Words Ink. –
Chitralekha Productions - iOS/Android

Creative Audio Editor – Mercedes E63 AMG Fall Advert – TV and Cinema
Project Manager –
James Pond Kick-starter Campaign 2013
Author – “Why Candy Crush Saga is so Engaging” –
Author – “iOS Audio Design” –
Author – “Asset Size Reduction” –
Project Manager – Focus Pocus - Games for Life
Composer/Sound Designer – “Tom & The Syndicate Factory”
Animation - Beach Games TV. Composer – Freestyle Dressage
Audio Producer – Battle Audio – Scot Bots Live Show
Audio Producer / Voice Artist – National Radio Advert - Tap Tile Mobile
Mobile Audio Tutorial Creation –
Composer – Elmjoy Film Productions - Insolitus Eventus
Audio Production – RoboChallenge 2012/13/14 –
Audio indents for the Gadget Show Live