24 Hour events are not exclusively at Le Mans…….

This Sunday I am taking part in a 24hour games jam being held at Anglia Ruskin. I’ll be producing audio for one of two teams representing ARU, alongside other teams from the University of Hertfordshire, UCS and Swansea.

At the end of the 24 hours each team’s creation will be showcased at the Brains Eden Conference. In addition to this, works from some of the students over the past year will be shown, including the game “Pods” now named “Pulse” that was the result of the last 12 hour games jam that took place over easter, on which I worked.

Team X, soon to be renamed…… includes the talents of Stephen Langston (code), Angel Angelov (graphics), Hywel Thomas, Ailwyn McGeoch (both graphics and code) and myself (audio).

I will update following the event on what happened!


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