Happy New Year Everyone! Highlights of 2012 for PJ Belcher Pro Audio.

Happy new year everyone, but what a year 2012 was!

It had a few downs and many ups but was most definitely a jam packed year for PJ Belcher Pro Audio.
It saw a few games shelved but it also saw us working with some very exciting and new people. So in brief here are our highlights of 2012!

The re-release of Rat Fishing! Our Korean developer clients, Blissoft re-published this great game with no other than Mini-Clip and saw it’s release onto iOS, Android, Flash and even LG Smart TV. Thanks guys, I was getting withdrawals :s .

Subversion, the eagerly awaited next installment from Introversion was confirmed ‘shelved’ this year along with all it’s audio work. And with Chris Delay stating that it was a “game that looked and sounded brilliant” but was just missing a core mechanic, it seemed the sound design and music would never see the light of day. But you’ll be pleased to hear that some of those sounds have been incorporated into their pivoted project Prison Architect! That wasn’t all though, the game was played live (with sound!) at Rezzed!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: South Park, this game was in the pipeline for a while and with 2 major brands behind it it was unsurprising everything had to be perfect! 2012 though was the year that saw it’s release on iOS, XBLA and PSN with PJ Belcher Pro Audio handling all the audio.

Our audio featured at the Gadget Show Live! That’s right PJ Belcher Pro Audio worked with RoboChallenge to produce a series of audio indents and music for their fighting robot show that featured at the expo. 10s of thousands of people would have heard us ringing through the air, awesome!

This was also the year that saw us working on our first feature length film, currently in post-production at ElmJoy studios we eagerly await it’s release!

The first fully licenced Manchester United app hit the app store! PJ Belcher Pro Audio was asked to work closely with Zoombugs and Gameware Europe to handle the audio on this high profile game. Made in association with Thomas Cook Sport the brands couldn’t have been bigger. But perhaps best of all it saw PJ Belcher Pro Audio featured in a ‘making of’ documentary that’s available for viewing on YouTube and was shown as part of a TV slot got MU TV!

The year also gave us a chance to work with several new people!
Unit9 released their spiritual Nano Panda sequel, Electric Tentacle which came with a series of very nicely made Trailers. Designing audio for them was a pleasure!
MagicSolver asked us to work on a couple of their biggest seasonal discovery apps at Halloween and Christmas. We look forward to working with them in the new year!
– And Zack Groassbart, an indie developer who produces some amazing work, namely this year’s release of ‘7 Bridges‘. But if that wasn’t impressive enough he does it in his spare time he made the game completely open source! Can’t wait to see the next one Zack 😉

Which brings us nicely to 2013, what has PJ Belcher Pro Audio got planned? Well as we speak we are working on Blissoft’s latest release, keep watching this space! Further adventures with Gameware Europe, eagerly awaiting news from ElmJoy, tracking the progress of Prison Architect and looking to working with even more new and exciting people! But perhaps the biggest and most imminent news is that we will soon be moving to a bigger studio! Exciting times!

So if you have any audio requirements, no matter how big or small feel free to get in contact we’d be honoured to help! We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Happy New Year!


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