Robo Challenge and the 2013 Gadget Show Live!

PJ Belcher Pro Audio is returning to the Gadget Show Live providing audio for Robo Challenge’s live fighting robot show.
For the whole weekend anyone passing through the show can watch the 2013 UK FeatherWeight Championships and hear the bespoke robot intros produced by PJ Belcher Pro audio for all 48 entrants.

Robo Challenge are the guys responsible for most of the cool stuff that you see built on the show (remember the chainsaw powered dragster?) and they’ve asked PJ Belcher Pro Audio to make a unique audio intro for each and every one of this year’s roboteers.

Last year the show saw some 120,000 people visit the exhibition so that’s a whole lot of people hearing our work in action. Let’s hope this year is the same and we hope to see you there! But if you can’t wait here’s a quick taster:


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