Disco Style Dressage to Music

I was recently approached by a client to arrange the music for their Kurs (freestyle Dressage to Music) in the style of 70s disco. Since I have quite an affinity for disco music I jumped at the chance and below are the results! Rider is Wayne Lightbrown and he is competing at a Prix St. […]

Dubstep Dressage (Dress-Step)

Dubstep Dressage, ‘Dress-Step’ anyone? It seems Andreas Helgstrand had an alternative music choice at the WEG2006…… Music for Dressage Professional Audio Services. Tracks Featured: Korn ft. Skrillex – ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ Korn ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise – ‘Get Up’ The Subs – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Mustard Pimp Remix) Skrillex – ‘First of The Year (Equinox)’ […]

Geomon from Loki Studios

I recently did some playtesting/feedback work for Loki Studios on their game Geomon. – In Geomon, users join as agents in a fictional organization called EsperCorp where they assist in researching and discovering a parallel world of spirits.  The storyline is elaborated on its very own website – A list of all Espers discovered in […]

Subversion: The Procedural Music and SFX System.

“I hired PJ to produce music and sound effects for the “Subversion” game prototype, and the work he turned in was astonishingly well crafted. We worked together for several months on the project, during which time PJ developed a tense main theme in keeping with the high-tech-stealth nature of the game. This was no ordinary game […]

Smartphone or Indie Developer?

Creating a new startup in the games industry? Feel free to get in contact with PJ to discuss your audio requirements. As an all-in-one, freelance audio solution with special rates for Independent developments see what PJ Belcher Pro Audio can do for you.  

The Sound of Floe.

Since the release of Floe onto the App store, and seeing it’s growing success, I felt it would be interesting to detail the design process I went through to create the audio of Floe. Although it may appear a simple puzzle game there is more to it than meets the ear, or so to speak… […]