Welcome to the Portfolio! Here can be found various works completed by PJ Belcher.

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PJ Belcher Pro Audio Showreel


Electric Tentacle – Trailer – Unit 9 (Full Length)
9 Movie – Trailer
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Special Editions: South Park – DoubleSix (Full Length)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Special Editions: South Park iOS – Otterly / DDP
Subversion – Procedural Music System Demo – Introversion (Full Length)
Pig Runner – Intro Animation – Blissoft
7 Bridges – Mobile Game – Zack Grossbart (Full Length)
Rat Fishing – Intro Animation – Blissoft (Full Length)
Rat Fishing – Mobile Game – Blissoft
Tom & The Syndicate Factory – Animation – Beachgames TV (Full Length)
Floe – Mobile Game – Otterly (Full Length)

PJ Belcher Pro Audio Featured in a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Documentary

A short documentary was made for the Manchester United Challenge app I worked on by Thomas Cook. The spot also features in a longer documentary being shown on MU TV!

Game Trailer – Electric Tentacle

In total 2 trailers were produced for the game, a 30s teaser trailer that largely featured gameplay and the one above. At 1:30 it included all of the game’s story elements and required largely bespoke trailer audio design and music.

Movie Trailer – 9

This is a movie trailer for which I re-scored the entire soundtrack, including composition and sound design.
The music was scored, arranged and produced from scratch, merging the typical epic Hollywood sound with metal guitars and abstract synths.
The sound design came from a variety of my own recordings, sample libraries and synth programming. This was then coloured with large amounts of DSP to achieve the wanted sound.
The VO dialogue was supplied by Lindsay Abbot (http://www.lindsayabbottvoiceover.com/) which was then arranged and mixed by myself into the score.
The original trailer can be viewed here;
[Acker 2009] Focus Features.

Generative Music System – Subversion

Subversion is the highly anticipated 5th game from Introversion. I worked with them designing the procedural music system now in game. Procedural game play is a large part of the game’s design, and the music system slotted in nicely.

I hired PJ to produce music and sound effects for the “Subversion” game prototype, and the work he turned in was astonishingly well crafted. We worked together for several months on the project, during which time PJ developed a tense main theme in keeping with the high-tech-stealth nature of the game.
This was no ordinary game audio project though – each element of the track was played independently within the game engine, with its volumes linked to game properties such as suspicion, danger, curiosity.  As the game progressed different elements of the music would fade up and take over, creating an audio environment that was always unique, and crucially gave the player subtle clues as to the state of the world and its inhabitants. As security guards became suspicious of your behaviour the music would shift to match that change, and the player would know instantly something was wrong. “

– Chris Delay: Founder and Director of Introversion.

The video above shows Chris Delay demonstrating the system in some of it’s early stages. The music was produced by myself and is based on a series of pre-composed segments that interlace based on the games progression. This is then “flavoured” with a series of additional musical gestures that are directly related to the player’s interaction with the game, and the games reaction to the player.

Game Trailer – Rat Fishing

Rat Fishing is a game developed by Blissoft and is available on the App Store for all iOS devices.

I was asked to come on board as Audio Designer for this project and was given a great amount of freedom, something I didn’t neglect. The style of gameplay was a great base for Carl Stalling style arrangements and the real time music systems I’m becoming known for. New for this project though, I was given the opportunity to score music (and sound design) for an in game cut scene.

Game Trailer – Floe

Floe is a game developed by Otterly and Published by Chillingo under the Clickgamer label. It is now available on the app store for iPhone and iPad.

I produced all the music and sound design for the game, the trailer demonstrates some of this, although musical elements have been removed not to clash with the theme. An article I wrote on the audio development process can be read here.

My YouTube profile can be found via the link for additional visual projects.