Dolby Release, Dolby® Digital Plus™ Audio API

At the end of last year I had the honour of being asked if I would sit in on a conference call with Dolby. This later turned out to be with several heads of department and them each asking my opinion on mobile audio.

Although at the time I was unaware, this was in fact late stage talks for what would be Dolby’s, Dolby® Digital Plus™ (DDP) Audio API that they are rolling out across all mobile devices. As a developer you can get more information here.

The technology looks to enhance audio on mobile devices with a tool that’s easy for developers to use and in most cases, 100% free!

In the long chat I had with Dolby it was very clear that they felt it was time audio had some help. Focus in digital development is often drawn away from audio, and recent technological innovation has always had an emphasis on other items, such as visual quality. Since most of those items have peaked Dolby feel it’s audio’s turn, and so has added an extra tool to the developers audio toolbox.


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