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Manchester United Challenge – Zoombugs – Thomas Cook Sport

I was contracted in by Gameware Europe to head up the audio on Zoombug’s latest development, no less than the first licensed Manchester United game on the app store!
For the music I took a crowd band idea (loud simple brass and percussion) and mixed with a Samba/Latin feel since this style is popular and often assimilated with football.

Just check out the 1998 Offical FIFA World Cup Track “Cup of Life” by Ricky Martin:

Or, the UEFA Euro 2008 Offical Song “Samba De Janeiro” by Bellini:

The audio was a real challenge but awesome opportunity as I was given near completely open creative freedom, which can be hard to consider given it was for one of the world’s biggest brands!

The game also had  short ‘Behind the Scenes‘ documentary made by Thomas Cook in which I feature. The piece is also part of a longer spot on MU TV!

Electric Tentacle – Unit9 – Chillingo

I worked with Unit9, a London based media company, to produce all the audio in their latest app offering Electric Tentacle a sort of spiritual sequel to Nano Panda.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: South Park – Special Editions: PSN/XBLA/iOS
Deep Silver – DDP – DoubleSix – Otterly

I was solely responsible for the audio design of this game brining together audio elements from the South Park TV series, the Who Want’s to be a Millionaire TV game show and bespoke elements such as the Host dialogue.
My design, scripting and creative sound work features exclusively on the iOS version of the game, with particular creative elements being used on the PSN and XBLA releases.

Developed by DoubleSix with Otterly taking the reins with the iOS version.

Rat Fishing -Blissoft – MiniClip

I worked with South Korean developer Blissoft as Audio Designer on their iOS release title “Rat Fishing“.

It’s a unique puzzle game on which I implemented many of the same generative and real-time audio systems used on Floe.

Available on the iTunes App Store it can be downloaded here:

Subversion – Introversion

I Worked on a vertical slice with Introversion Software on their highly anticipated 5th game Subversion.

You can view the procedural music system in action on my portfolio.

The inclusion of a bespoke procedural music system (to fall in line with the procedural theme of the game) was just one of the many innovations designed and developed by myself and Chris over the weeks. An example of this system in action can be viewed here.

Check out the development blog here.

Floe – Otterly – Chillingo

I Worked with Otterly developing Floe for iPhone/iPod/iPad, as lead audio producer. It has been signed with the major iPhone publisher, Chillingo and has been released under the Clickgamer label. Currently for sale it can be purchased from the app store here. You can watch the trailer on my portfolio here.

It offers gamers and puzzle solvers alike the opportunity to utilise the iPhone’s unique functions in a bid to help save Flo the bear!

Funkydilla – Zoonami