24 Hour Games Jam.

So did we do it? A fully operational game in 24 hours? Of course we did!! Well sort of……….

After several hours of debate, tears, sleep deprivation induced insanity and laughter, Team X (we never did think of another name….. team members listed in previous post) came up with “Sacrifice”.

The brief was simple “A 3 minute game with 2 massive heads.”Obviously this can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, but ours was for the heads to be that of monsters, and the 3 minutes to be the time you had as the player to lure your monster to the pit of sacrifice.

The story went such that “You have angered the Gods! Sacrifice you monster to appease them”. It was a 2 player game, with each player luring a monster to a pit in the middle of the map, first one to get their monster to the pit of sacrifice appeased the gods and didn’t have their village destroyed. Bad luck for the other player, but if neither got there within the 3 minutes then the gods destroyed both villages.

So how did the gameplay work? Well monsters are very lazy, and more importantly reluctant to put themselves into the pit, so you lure them with food, by feeding them or placing it near your monster. This in turn gives them energy and encourages them to move quicker down the path to the pit. The downside to feeding your monster is that it makes it very fat! Specifically in the head (that’s the 2 massive heads bit….) meaning it cannot fit through the various gates and obstacles along the way to the pit, unless you stop feeding it for a while and let it loose weight.

This see’s players carefully timing their feeding rate, strategically placing food, and messing up the other players game by excessively feeding their monster, or stealing all their food.

The game was later featured in the Brains Eden Conference, where although it was well received featured none of my audio. This was due to a lack of time to implement my ideas for the audio, and more noticeably a lack of speakers at the conference…..

Hopefully a later update of the game will feature my audio, but for the mean time I will be posting my creations on my Audio page, so go have a listen to my unsung innovations.

I will update soon with screen shots of the game, and a web playable version.


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