Floe is soon to be released by Chillingo/Clickgamer!

Floe has just been signed with Chillingo and is to be released under the Clickgamer label.

This will see the game sold alongside some of the best iPhone apps currently available.

Read the press release from Chillngo to see Floe listed in this summer’s releases.

Floe is developed by Otterly for whom I acted as Lead Audio Producer. It is due for release VERY soon so keep watching this space!

Floe (Otterly/Clickgamer) – A little bear needs your help!  Help baby polar bear, Flo, across the ice floes to catch up with her mama.  If only these pesky ice blocks weren’t in the way.  A simple yet challenging, cute puzzle game. Coming soon for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The release date and more details to come soon!


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